(Last updated on 07/10/2020)


Without prejudice to the rights accruing to the customer under the statutory warranty, as established
in articles 128-135 of the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206 of 6 September 2005), in
view of the provisions set down herein, Mares Marketing S.r.l. with registered office in Varese, at
Via Malnasca 15, hereinafter “PUREHOMEIDEAS”, issues the following warranty (the Warranty”)
on the products it sells on its e-commerce website,

This warranty automatically takes effect from the date of delivery of the goods and covers defects
that may arise within two years of the date of delivery of the goods and which are reported by the
customer within two months of the date on which they are discovered, as established in art. 132 of
the Italian Consumer Code, with the sole exception of cases of non-conformity arising from the
relationship between the customer and the final retailer.

Proof of delivery date must be provided in the form of a document issued by the seller, or otherthe Italian Consumer Code, with the sole exception of cases of non-conformity arising from the
relationship between the customer and the final retailer.
Proof of delivery date must be provided in the form of a document issued by the seller, or other documentary evidence (e.g. tax receipt, invoice or delivery note) showing the name of the seller, the date of delivery of the goods and their identification details (model type).


The customer shall forfeit the rights accruing to them under this warranty if they fail to report the defect within two months of discovering it or in the event of improper use/installation with respect to the instructions given in the user manual.

This warranty applies on condition that:

  • the electrical appliance is used for domestic purposes only, and therefore not for any purposes relating to business or professional activity;
  • all operations relating to the installation and connection of the appliance to the utilities (electricity,
    water, gas) are carried out in strict accordance with the instructions given in the instruction book and any installation instructions included with the appliance;
  • all operations relating to the use and periodic maintenance of the electrical appliance are carried out
    as directed in the instruction book;
  • any repair work is carried out by personnel belonging to the network of technical support centers
    authorized by PUREHOMEIDEAS and only genuine parts are used.

If a defect arises during the validity of this warranty, PUREHOMEIDEAS undertakes to repair the item,
or replace it if unrepairable, at no expense to the customer in either case.

To request support, call (+39) 02 83623614 (number applies to calls from within Italy), and you
will be put in touch with the nearest authorized Technical Support Center. The service is open from
Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

For sales/deliveries outside Italy, send an email to

The repair or replacement of individual components or of the entire electrical appliance does not
extend the duration of this warranty, which will therefore continue until the two-year period
established in clause

above expires.
In order to improve service and reduce response times, please provide the authorized technical support center with the details of the appliance you are calling about. In particular, please provide the following information by filling in the Returns form.

  •  appliance model
  • production number or serial number (marked on the product label)
  • date of purchase / invoice no.
  • nature of defect
  • Address at which the product is installed

The appliances sold are intended for use throughout Italy (including Vatican City and the Republic of San Marino).

If you purchase and/or use your appliance outside Italy (EEC), should any defect or non-conformity
arise, please contact PureHomeIdeas by writing to:


This warranty does not cover any work and/or repairs and/or replacement parts that may be necessary as a result of defects caused by:

  • failure to comply with the use and maintenance instructions provided in the manual supplied
    with the appliance;
    negligence or neglectful use;
  • incorrect installation;
  • maintenance or repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel and/or involving the use of non genuine spare parts;
  • damage in transit, unless the appliance is transported by PureHomeIdeas, or defects caused by events that are not attributable to non-conformity of the electrical appliance;
  •  insufficiency, inadequacy or non-conformity of the power supply systems;

Normal wear parts, accessories and consumables are not covered by this warranty unless the need to replace them is attributable to non-conformity.

This warranty does not cover the cost of installing the electrical appliance or connecting it to the power supply systems. If the customer asks the personnel of an authorized technical support center to install the appliance or connect it to the power supply systems, the cost of the work shall be charged to the customer.


PUREHOMEIDEAS accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage that may be caused, directly or
indirectly, to persons or property as a result of non-compliance with any of the requirements set down in the instruction book, with particular reference to those concerning the installation, use and maintenance of the appliance.


After expiry of the 24-month warranty period or the longer period applicable to certain products, the cost of parts and labor for repair work will be charged to the customer at the rates applied from time to time by the technical support center.