Discover the pleasure of cooking without odours, thanks to aira’s certified technology, innovative filters for cooker hoods that function also as powerful air purifiers capable of removing germs, bacteria, viruses and many allergens from the room air.

A need for all and a passion for many, today culinary activities find a precious ally to remove cooking odours and purify the air in your kitchen!

A smart solution to remove kitchen odours

Plasma filters can be fitted to new or existing cooker hoods, thus turning even an entry-level hood into a powerful, efficient filtration system.
No more unsightly wall openings to vent the air from your kitchen to the outside: once installed, the filter will start automatically when the hood is switched on and you’ll have clean fresh air in your home at last without the need for costly masonry work.

A version for every hood

For chimney, built-in, and island hoods or air venting hobs, discover all versions of aira and choose the one that matches your hood!

aira RONDO

Plasma filter for chimney cooker hoods.

aira PLANO

Plasma filter for built-in or island cooker hoods.


Plasma filter for air venting hobs.

aira: a single filter – endless advantages

User friendly

  • Quick and easy to fit (plug and play)
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be adapted to fit almost all models of cooker hood, even already installed: check compatibility of your hood!

Check compatibility

Improve the air quality in your home

  • Removes up to 99% of odours
  • Eliminates viruses, pollen, bacteria and other allergens, including tobacco odours
  • Does not release ozone (confirmed by VDE and IUTA certifications)

Energy efficiency

  • Maintenance-free: the filter “regenerates” automatically for long life
  • Low power consumption
  • Switches on and off automatically with the cooker hood
  • The only filter material of this type on the market (used in protective masks for military personnel operating in chemical and bacteriological risk areas)

Economic savings

  • Unlike standard charcoal filters, which must be changed every 3 months, the plasma filter lasts at least 5 years
  • No need for an air outlet to outside the building (air recirculation), so no heat loss in winter or loss of cool air in summer


All the air filters are supplied with all the necessary European certifications.


The plasma filters are made in Germany
using top quality materials.


The air filters are designed
to last at least 5 years.

Discover the right filter
for your hood!

Want to check compatibility of your cooker hood with our plasma filters? Fill in the form to help us identify the ideal model for your hood!

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