Plasma filters for kitchen hoods


Eliminate odors while cooking and purify the aira!

Enjoy odor-free cooking, thanks to aira certified plasma filter technology.

A necessity for everyone and a passion for many, today culinary activities find a precious ally in this intelligent and innovative filter that frees your home from kitchen smells!

But that’s not all! Aira plasma filters aira are more than just cooker hood filters, they’re powerful air
purifiers capable of eliminating pollen, bacteria, viruses and a whole host of other allergens from
your kitchen.

aira plasma filters can be fitted to all new and existing cooker hoods!

You not only save energy, but also time and money!

You not only save energy, but also time and money!

You not only save energy, but also time and money!

The filter purifies the air in the room, and from now on you can mount the kitchen wherever you want, saving on heating and air conditioning.

The aira filter is therefore the ideal solution for your home! 

Developed and manufactured in Germany, this filter is a revolution in the cooker hood world and by far the most effective filter system on the market.

Intuitive to use

Improves air quality in your home

  • Eliminates up to 99% of all odors
  • Eliminates viruses, pollen, bacteria and other allergens, including tobacco smoke
  • Does not release ozone (as confirmed by VDE and IUTA certifications)

Energy efficient

  •  Maintenance-free
  • Low power consumption
  • Switches on and off automatically with the cooker hood
  •  There is no other filter material like it on the market (used in protective masks for military
    personnel operating in chemical and bacteriological risk areas)
  • Self-regenerating filter for long service life

Saves you money

  • Unlike standard carbon filters, which need to be changed every 3 months, plasma filters lasts at
    least 5 years
  • No need for air outlets to the external environment (due to air recirculation), so no heat loss in
    winter or cooling loss in summer.
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Certified safety

  • Supplied with all the necessary European certifications

Guaranteed quality

  • Made in Germany with quality materials
  • 5-year warranty


  • To ensure the plasma filter works properly, make certain you switch on the hood with the filter at
    least 10-15 minutes before you start cooking, and switch if off again
    10-15 minutes after you finish
  • Carefully read the instructions and recommendations in the user manual

Available in three versions:

aira RONDO

The ideal filter for chimney hoods

aira PLANO

The ideal filter for built-in or island hoods


The filter for cooktops with integrated hoods