The revolution in domestic food waste management

SmartCara is a compact dryer that transforms food waste into a nutrient-rich dried residue for your flowers and vegetables. The final dry residue volume is reduced by 90% compared to the starting volume and it can be preserved without requiring additives or enzymes.

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How is the food waste dried?

SmartCara is an innovative system to convert moist food waste into a nutrient for the garden.

You can fill your SmartCara with waste fruit, vegetables, pasta and rice, potatoes, legumes, bread, biscuits, fish and meat, and even chicken, turkey, and rabbit bones.

Place the food waste in the removable bin, switch on the appliance and you’re good to go: within a few hours you’ll have a handful of “powder” that is an excellent feed for plants and flowers.

Choose the model that matches your needs

2l SmartCara 2l food waste dryer

Food waste dryer suitable for
solo residents or small families.
Capacity: 2 litres

4l SmartCara food waste dryer

Ideal food waste dryer for big families
or a small food service business.
Capacity: 4 litres

Transform your domestic food waste with SmartCara


Fill the containers
with food waste

Add your wet waste and lock the cover.



Press the “START” button to start the rapid waste drying process.


Use the dry residue or discard it
in the wet waste disposal bin

Use your dried residue as a thickener or discard it in the wet waste disposal bin.

Why choose SmartCara

Energy efficiency

  • SmartCara is equipped with an automatic consumption reduction control system.

Deodorizing performance

  • Eliminates unpleasant odours by means of activated charcoal filters.

Disposal performance

  • The system reduces wet waste volume by up to 90% and converts it into dry powder.

Preservation function

  • The dried residue is stable, hygienic and suitable for storage.

Ease of use

  • SmartCara is self-cleaning, it does not require enzymes or additives, and it features a Plug&Play system.


SmartCara comes with European Union CE certification


SmartCara is made in Korea, world centre for technological innovation.


The SmartCara food waste dryer is guaranteed for 2 years.

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