Small size, big performance.

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Discover the benefits of Sciugarella

Sciugarella: the new way to dry your laundry.

Sciugarella takes the hassle, the drying rack and the ironing out of your laundry routine.

Made in Italy to the highest quality standards, it’s a revolutionary product that takes care of your clothes gently, naturally and intelligently, and frees up more time for you and more space for your home.

Sciugarella is a real space-saver:
small size, big performance!

It’s the only laundry dryer that dries up to 7 kg of laundry, with a professionally pressed effect, in just 60 cm of space.
With a frictionless caress, the air flow dries your laundry perfectly, while flattening out the fibers from above, to prevent creasing and wear.

Easy and intuitive to use

Sciugarella is easy and intuitive to use thanks to single-click drying program selection from the Soft Touch electronic control panel or handy remote control.

Multiple modes to choose from

In “cool air” mode, Sciugarella dries the environment and prevents mold; in “hot air” mode, it acts as a bathroom fan-heater too.

Multiple models to choose from

Opt for white or stainless steel, in a wall-mounted or trolley-mounted version.

Simplicity and versatility with peace and quiet

Sciugarella has two motors that work powerfully but quietly, so as not to disturb the peace in your home.

Minimized power consumption

Despite the high performance, energy consumption is 90% lower than for a traditional laundry cycle. So you save money and safeguard the environment. 

Save time! There is a solution and it’s called Sciugarella.

A range of products designed around the growing need to take the hassle out of everyday tasks. One click, no stress. Despite its low power consumption, Sciugarella dries and “irons” 7kg of laundry to perfection.

  • Natural drying system: VENTILATION is the cheapest and most efficient form of drying.
  • Dries all types of fabric at the same time.
  • Stretches out the fibers from above, for crease-free laundry.
  • Minimized power consumption.
  • Can be installed anywhere, but the best position is high up, near or above your washing machine.
  • You can use Sciugarella as a bathroom heater too!
  • 4 + 4 drying programs:
  1. COLD AIR (12 hrs.)
  2. WARM AIR (8 hrs.)
  3. HOT AIR (4 hrs.)
  4. FAST HEAT (1 hr.)

Intensive mode for environments with temperatures of less than 15°/16° or for extra heavy fabrics.

  • Maintenance-free* 
  • Telescopic clothes rail (wall-mounted models only)
  • Fixed remote control included.
  • 5 hangers included.**
* the only recommendation is regular cleaning of the ventilation grids
** on the white wall-mounted version only

Trolley-mounted Sciugarella: a solution for professionals, small businesses and hotels, as well as domestic users!

The trolley-mounted Sciugarella is rugged and lightweight.
Thanks to its stainless steel structure, it is totally stable even at full capacity.

Fitted with wheels, it is easy to move around, and the rubber coating leaves no marks on any type of floor.

The trolley-mounted Sciugarella is the ideal solution for a wide range of businesses too:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Beauty salons
  • Doctors’ surgeries
  • Offices

Provide an additional service or a special welcome to your guests, who will finally be able to travel light.
Its attractive design complements your existing decor too, and adds an extra touch of comfort and convenience to your business.

Sometimes your customers need to a bit of extra pampering to feel better in your salon, which is why their clothes deserve a beauty treatment too.

Quiet and comfortable: while you work, Sciugarella takes care of your customers’ clothes. It’s also ideal for drying, “ironing” and sterilizing towels and aprons, even at night, ready for re-use the next morning.

Available in three versions:


ST62 Plus

White wall-mounted Sciugarella



Stainless steel wall-mounted Sciugarella



​Sciugarella with stainless steel trolley