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Characteristics and operation

What are the dimensions of the Alpwater magnetic anti-limescale device?

Just 7 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm. You need just 7 cm of unobstructed pipe to install the device.

What will happen to the water hardness when using Alpwater?

Water hardness will not be affected. The calcium carbonate is not removed from the water, but Alpwater stops scale formation at source by preventing “chemical precipitation”, i.e. aggregation of the calcium to form limescale that builds up on surfaces and inside pipes.

Will I see the results immediately?

Limescale in pipes will break up gradually, but it takes time to achieve a perfect result: usually between 8 and 10 weeks depending on the hardness of the water and age of the pipes in your home.


How is Alpwater installed?

Fit the magnetic anti-limescale device on the main supply pipe before or after your water meter and before any pipe branches. The device can be fitted on a horizontal or vertical pipe.
Secure Alpwater to the pipe with the supplied pipe clamps. The unit can be fitted in 5 minutes without requiring any technical expertise.
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Where and how should I install the Alpwater magnetic anti-limescale device for optimal results?

The ideal position is immediately before or after the water meter, which is always located before any branches in the pipes in your home.
The device can be installed vertically or horizontally without affecting its operation.

Is the Alpwater magnetic anti-limescale device suitable for all water pipes?

Yes, all domestic water pipes from 10mm to 42mm in diameter.
It can be fitted to any type of pipe: PVC, copper, flexible hose, and steel (galvanized). The pipe construction material has no effect on performance of the device.

Is it correct to say that the mounting plate does not interfere with the magnets?

Correct. The mounting plate does not affect the action of the magnets. Make sure the space is the same size on both sides.

How much space do I need?

Thanks to the compact size of the device, you only need a 7 cm length of free pipe.


How often is maintenance required?

The magnetic anti-limescale device is maintenance free!

What are the annual maintenance costs?

No maintenance costs or periodic services. The only cost is the initial purchase price of the device.

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