Filtration hoods with integrated plasma technology

Air quality is of critical importance to live well and not just in the kitchen: this was the conviction behind the 1974 incorporation of Galvamet, centre of excellence for the production of extraction hoods and designer hoods, strictly Made in Italy.

Galvamet hoods are your most precious ally in the kitchen: they not only purify the air from germs and bacteria, but they eliminate odours thanks to the revolutionary integrated plasma technology.

Each model is designed to assure endless advantages and look great in your home.

The sophisticated solution for your home

Filtration hoods without a flue improve the environment in your kitchen thanks to the high class Made in Italy materials employed. The elegance of Murano blown glass meets the strength of stainless steel to customize your living spaces and make them distinctive.

Designed to purify the air

The plasma filters integrated in Galvamet hoods make it possible to eliminate cooking odours and purify the air from germs and bacteria by means of oxidation and molecular decomposition, guaranteeing longer treatment duration. This new technology is different from the mechanical absorption of conventional charcoal filters which leads to reduced efficiency of the filtration process.

Choose the most suitable model for your kitchen

For kitchens with ceiling-mounted, island, wall-mounted or built-in hoods:
find the Galvamet hood that complies with your needs and taste!


Suspended extractor hood


Designer extractor hood for islands


Wall-mounting filtration hood


Built-in filtration hood

Hoods with plasma filters: the advantages

Save on energy and installation costs
Not just a saving in terms of installation, since it will no longer be necessary to cover costs for masonry work for air expulsion ducts, but also significant annual savings in energy costs for heating and air conditioning.

User-friendly technology
Technology designed to support your health: 99% certified efficiency in removing odours and in terms of ability to remove viruses, spores, bacteria and germs.

No limits of space and time
You can install the hood wherever you want, depending on the layout of your kitchen. And there’s no need to worry about time: our plasma filters have a working life of nearly 10 years, without requiring maintenance or replacements and without any loss of efficiency


Galvamet hoods are made in compliance with European
Standards and Directives: 2006/95 EEC and 2004/108 EEC


Galvamet hoods are designed
and manufactured entirely in Italy.


All Galvamet hoods are
guaranteed for the first 2 years of use.

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