Cookie Policy

Definitions, characteristics and application of regulatory requirements.

This policy uses the term “cookie” to refer to cookies and other similar technologies covered by the
EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive.

Who is the controller of my personal data?

The data controller is the company that defines how your personal data is used and for what

Personal data collected via the website, via mobile apps and when you place orders are processed by:
Mares Marketing Srl.
With registered office at Via Malnasca 15, 21100 Varese (VA)
Hereinafter “Mares”

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites send to visitors’ devices, where they are stored for
transmission back to the same websites at the next visit. Third-party cookies are set by a different
website from the one that the user is visiting. This is because every site may contain items (images,
maps, audio content, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that reside on different
servers from the server for the visited site.

Why do you use cookies?

We use cookies to find out more about how visitors interact with our content and to improve their
browsing experience.

Types of cookies.

Cookies can be divided into different categories depending on their characteristics and the nature of their use:

    • Technical cookies. Technical cookies are used for the sole purpose of “transmitting a communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly
      necessary for the provider of an information society service, explicitly requested by the subscriber or user, to provide such a service” (see art. 122, paragraph 1 of the Code). They
      are not used for any other purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner or administrator of the website. They can be divided into browser or session cookies, which enable normal browsing and use of the website; analytics cookies, which are similar to technical cookies where they are used directly by the website administrator to collect information, in aggregate form, about the number of users and how they visit the site; and functionality cookies, which enable the user to browse according to a set of criteria selected for the purpose of improving the service offered to the user. The installation of these cookies
      does not require the prior consent of users, but there is still an obligation to provide notice pursuant to art. 13 of the Code, which the website administrator, if they only use these devices, may provide in the manner they consider most appropriate.


  • Profiling cookies. Profiling cookies are intended to create profiles relating to the user and are
    used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the user in the course of their web browsing. In view of the invasive nature that these devices can have within the private sphere of users, European and Italian regulations stipulate that the user must be adequately informed about their use and thus express their valid consent. These cookies are covered by art. 122 of the Code, which states that “the storage of information in the terminal equipment of a contractor or user, or access to information already stored shall be permitted only on condition that the contractor or user has given their consent after being informed in the simplified manner set out in Article 13, paragraph 3” (art. 122, paragraph 1 of the Code). This site does not use profiling cookies.
Third-party cookies.

By visiting this website you may receive cookies from sites operated by other organizations (“third parties”). Examples include “social plugins” for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, or embedded media viewing systems such as YouTube and Flickr. These parts are generated directly from the above-mentioned sites and embedded into the web page of the host site you visit. If these plugins are present, cookies will be sent to and from all third-party websites. The handling of information collected by third parties is governed by the corresponding policies, to which you should refer. For the sake of transparency and convenience, the web addresses for the various policies and cookie management procedures are provided below.

Facebook (policy)
Facebook (configuration): signing into your account. Privacy section.
Youtube\Google+ (policy)
Youtube\Google+ (configuration)

Duration of cookies.

Some cookies (session cookies) remain active only until you close your browser or log out. Other cookies “survive” when you close your browser and remain available when you make subsequent visits. These cookies are known as “persistent cookies” and their duration is set by the server when they are created. In some cases they have a fixed expiry date, in others their duration is unlimited.

Cookie management.

You can use your browser settings to decide whether or not to accept cookies.
Caution: fully or partially disabling technical cookies may compromise optimum use of the site.
Disabling third-party cookies has no adverse effect on browsability.
The setting can be configured specifically for different websites and web apps. Browsers also enable you to define different settings for “proprietary” and “third party” cookies. In Firefox, for example, selecting Tools->Options->Privacy opens a control panel in which you can set whether or not to accept the various types of cookies and remove them. Plenty of documentation is available on the Internet on how to set the cookie management rules for your browser. A number of addresses regarding the main browsers are provided below:

Internet Explorer