The best and most enduring solution against the formation of limescale

Prevent limescale formation in domestic water systems and save maintenance time and costs with Alpwater’s revolutionary technology!

Alpwater is a magnetic device that prevents the formation of limescale while preserving the chemical composition of the water and guaranteeing hard water treatment in full respect for the environment.

The magnetic anti-limescale system for the entire home

The result of years of research, Alpwater is the unique and lasting solution to prevent the formation of limescale in domestic water systems saving on the times and costs of cleaning and maintenance.

Dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers, boilers, and also taps, wall tiles and shower cubicles are the first to suffer the negative effects of the deposition of limescale contained in domestic water supplies.

Not only is limescale formation among the main causes of problems in home appliances and heating systems, through time this phenomenon reduces their efficiency and increases electricity consumption.

How does the ALPWATER magnetic anti-limescale system work?

Alpwater is your precious assistant to solve the problem of hard water caused by the presence of large quantities of Calcium and Magnesium.

Alpwater uses powerful magnets, studied and positioned with optimal shapes and angles, to prevent these two minerals in the water supply from aggregating to form calcium carbonate and hence preventing the formation of limescale deposits.

Calcium and magnesium are both elements with a positive effect on health. Rather than removing these two important minerals, Alpwater prevents the crystallisation process that gives rise to the formation of limescale.

A host of benefits in a few centimetres!

  • Prevents limescale formation
    Alpwater prevents deposition of up to 85% of the calcium carbonate found in domestic water supplies
  • Allows savings in detergent costs
    The device reduces the quantity of detergent needed by 50%, resulting in savings in purchase costs for cleaning products
  • Extends the life of home appliances
    Alpwater prevents the formation of limescale and keeps your home appliances in good working order.
  • Respectful of the environment
    Alpwater is an eco-sustainable and environmentally respectful solution.
  • Easy to install
    No need to call a technician to install Alpwater!
  • Maintenance free
    Once installed, Alpwater is maintenance-free!


Alpwater is made in the Netherlands
using top quality materials.

10-year warranty

Alpwater is guaranteed for the first 10 years of use.


Garanzia di rimborso entro 100 giorni dall’acquisto!

How to install Alpwater in 5 minutes

Thanks to its small size and compact form, Alpwater can be installed independently in almost any house or apartment,
on pipe diameters from 10 mm to 42 mm, without requiring a plumber or specialist.

You will need a 7 cm length of unobstructed pipe to install the device.

Fit the device upline or downline of the water meter and upline of pipe branches.

Fit the supplied strap around the device, passing it through the eyelets and the mounting plate, and lock it securely.

Alpwater is ready to start preventing the deposition of limescale in the water!

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