The smart solution for your kitchen, with combined plasma filters

RESPEKTA air recirculation cooker hoods with combined plasma filters are the functional solution within everyone’s reach. They allow you to eliminate cooking odors, even the most persistent ones, thanks to the exclusive, cutting-edge and revolutionary plasma technology.

Easy to use but sophisticated in terms of performance: your new hood is destined to become an essential feature of your kitchen!


Discover the pleasure of cooking without worries

Always enjoy the pleasure of cooking without unwelcome odours: thanks to the certified plasma technology combined with Respekta hoods you can remove up to 99% of odours, even the most persistent.

The range of air recirculation cooker hoods with combined filters is the perfect solution to meet all needs.

Designed to solve the problem of cooking odours, and more besides

The cooker hood plays a vital role: it eliminates cooking vapours, odours and fumes, thus improving air quality in the most important room in your home and protecting furniture and walls from damage caused by excessive humidity. 

The benefits of our Respekta cooker hoods don’t end here. These devices are smart home appliances: thanks to the combined RONDO filter they can remove germs, bacteria, viruses and many allergens potentially present in the environment.

The Respekta cooker hoods range, with its three MONACO, BERLINO and FRANCOFORTE lines, features simple but always fashionable styling, offering a seamless fit with many different modern or classic kitchen formats.


Choose the most suitable model for your needs

In white or black satin glass and stainless steel for both wall-mounting and island installation with two sizes, 60 or 90 cm, to match your home appliances with ease.


Stainless steel cooker hood with plasma filter, “chimney” model.


Glass cooker hood with plasma filter, “island” model


Lacquered glass cooker hood with plasma filter, “wall mounting” model.


Suspended glass cooker hood with Plasma filter.

Respekta Hoods: discover the advantages

Eliminates up to 99% of cooking odours
Eliminates tobacco odours
Eliminates viruses, pollen, bacteria and other allergens
Save on heating and air conditioning costs
Simple and quick installation
No masonry work required
No periodic maintenance required
Design your kitchen without constraints and without limits: with Respekta hoods, you can also place the hob in the center of the room without any problems!


Respekta hoods and plasma filters are accompanied by all the necessary European certifications.


Respekta hoods and plasma filters are manufactured and sold in Germany.


Respekta hoods are sold with a 24 month warranty, while the combined plasma filters are covered by a 5 year warranty.

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