Grease filter for CH3100 GIS-A/P cooker hood

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Multi-layer aluminum grease filter. The grease filter protects the cooker hood by trapping grease particles. Cleaning the grease filter periodically in the dishwasher or by hand keeps the cooker hood’s filter system in good condition, thus ensuring smooth operation and long service life. The filter is compatible with the CH3100 GIS-A/P cooker hood.

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Although plasma filters are easy to install, we recommend that you entrust the job to a qualified technician.

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Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 25.7 × 23.05 × 0.9 cm

Questo filtro è compatibile con la cappa CH3100 GIS-A/P.
Articolo venduto singolarmente.
Nota che questa cappa necessità 2 filtri grassi.


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