E-WATERBLOCK Water leak detector

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Water leak detector that uses Bluetooth technology to avoid flooding and excessive water consumption.

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  • Minimum flow: 0,1 l/min
  • Maximum flow: from 0,1 l/min to 30 l /min
  • Relative humidity: 30%-95%
  • Water conductivity: from 100 microS/cm to 5,000 microS/cm
  • Operating flow pressure: 0,02 MPa – 1 MPa (0,2 – 10 bar)
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth
  • Battery life: > 3 Years
  • Approved also for use with hot water


Your smart ally against flooding

Thanks to the principles of mechanics and electronics, E-Waterblock is the ideal and maintenance free device to prevent water leaks that could otherwise damage your property.

E-Waterblock is super easy to install. You can fit it unassisted on the water connection without having to call a plumber or use special tools.

What’s more, E-Waterblock features smart operation based on Bluetooth technology. It can communicate with the outside world in real time by sending notifications to your smartphone thanks to the dedicated Eltek app, so it can inform you of possible leak events.


A solution for every environment

  • Technological homes equipped with smart appliance management systems
  • Green areas equipped with irrigation systems that require continuous maintenance
  • Hotels for management and prevention of water risks due to faults
  • Workplaces with beverage dispensers to protect against damage caused by water leaks
  • Relaxation areas with water coolers, bathrooms or showers to prevent unforeseen events

Download the ELTEK APP to your smartphone

Thanks to the Eltek APP, the user can access the device directly, configure it, monitor its status and view the water consumption history for the past 12 months.

Use of the latest Bluetooth® technology supports the notifications service and guarantees battery life in excess of 3 years.

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