aira RONDO 800/180 R Chimney cooker hood filter

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Plasma filter for chimney hoods with motor suction power of up to 800 m3/h and air outlet duct diameter of Ø 18 cm.

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Although plasma filters are easy to install, we recommend that you entrust the job to a qualified technician.

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key features

  • Suitable for chimney hoods
  • Height 270 mm
  • Diameter Ø 180 mm
  • Air inlet Ø 120 mm
  • Volume 800 m3/h
  • Sizes 22 × 25.5 × 38.4 cm
  • Weight 2.6 kg

accessories included

  • A → Adapter/Eccentric reducer art. 7547
  • B → 3-in-1 multi-plug art. 7001
Accessori Rondo

aira RONDO

the trailblazer of the Plasma filter range

The plasma system is the most efficient method of air purification and can reduce odours by up to 99%.
No mechanical odour filtration but rather molecular transformation from contaminated air to clean air. Eliminates kitchen odours, germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens and cigarette smoke and reduces the risk of disease and infection.
With the VDE and IUTA seal of approval, the plasma filters are certified as electrically safe and free from ozone emissions.

Is it the right model for my cooker hood?

RONDO models are designed for chimney cooker hoods. Check the power of your cooker hood (in the manual or on the label showing the hood’s serial number), the distance of the motor outlet hole, and the hole diameter in order to find the right model for your needs.
If in doubt, you can check compatibility with your cooker hood by filling in the form or by calling our customer service number.

To ensure the plasma filter works properly, make certain you switch on the hood with filter at least 10-15 minutes before you start cooking and switch it off 10-15 minutes after you finish. Read the instructions and recommendations in the user manual carefully.

request a site inspection

Not sure of the model? Request a site inspection by our technician to find the most suitable filter for your hood!
If you go on to purchase the filter, half cost of the site inspection will be deducted from your total bill.


This appliance must be installed by a qualified technician.
If you tick the “I require the installation service” option when you make your purchase, you will be contacted by a technician to arrange the installation date.

Got questions or want to book a site inspection?

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Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 22 × 25.5 × 38.4 cm


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