Pay by Instalments with Soisy

Buy today, pay later (a little at a time)


Send an extended payment request easily from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Forget traditional paper contracts and enjoy the benefits of a full-digital experience.


The interest rate is always advantageous. No added costs for paperwork, duty stamps, collection of payments or early termination. No additional insurance or policies.


Get an answer in 3 minutes, providing your tax code and a few details. Your application acceptance will be sent within 24 hours, once your documentation has been checked. Sign with a text message code.

Thanks to Soisy, you can have the appliance shipped to your home immediately and then pay in easy instalments.

How the extended payment option works

Extend the payment for all your purchases with an automatic monthly charge to your current account so it all takes care of itself.

Choose Soisy at the checkout

Choose the number of instalments

Sign the contract digitally

Receive approval for your application

Requirements for extended payment

  • you must be an adult over eighteen years of age and resident in Italy for at least the past 3 consecutive years (extended payment terms cannot be granted to legal entities)
  • you must have a regular income
  • you must have a good credit rating and hence no bad marks or defaults on your credit history as held by credit information services such as CRIF
  • you must have a bank current account or IBAN to which to charge the automatic monthly payment of the instalments

Documents required

  • IBAN of the account from which the instalment will be taken
  • proof of identity document
  • health insurance card (only in some cases)

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